What is love after all? It’s a very tricky question that no one really can give you the answer to. Love is different to everyone, therefore the only person who can tell what love is, is oneself. For me, love isn’t something you can explain with words. It’s a feeling that you get and give. When you love, there is so much going on in your mind, soul and body. It can drive you crazy, hell, it does, but isn’t it great to be able to feel? Every single one of us deserves pure and unconditional love. It’s to be loved the way you are, with all the messiness and imperfections – you are ment to be loved as a whole, not just in parts! It’s easy to love light, but there is also darkness inside us. When you find someone who loves you, not despite of your dark side, but because of it – that’s what love is.


Love has many forms, but in my case, it’s to be and let be. It’s to love someone the way he or she is, not the way I want them to  be. Otherwise it would just be a reflection of myself that I’d love. That’s not what love is about, not to me. Love is what defines me. It’s not my outer appearance, or my success in my career. It’s how I choose to treat others. In the end, love is all we need. When there’s no love, that’s where all the problems start to grow. Every war, every act of violence or selfharm is connected to love that’s missing. Choose to love, we depend on it. Besides, there is nothing more beautiful on earth than a person, who hasn’t forgotten how to (give) love. 

The lavender bouquet. This drawing has a very special meaning to me. I dedicated it to my great-grandmother after she died in 2016. She was such a wonderful person and I loved her so much. She was nearly a 100 years old! I loved to listen to her stories, especially the poets she recited, that she still knew by heart from school! She was an enlightened human-being.


She was also the most content person that I ever met and probably will ever meet. There was no time when we came to visit her and she didn't have a smile on her face. I've known her my whole life and there hasn't been a day she was unhappy with her life. She appreciated everything and despite what happened to her in the past, she was the kindest, most compassionate and caring person I've known. We always had a special connection and love knows no limits, not even death can tear us apart.


This one's for you, my love and biggest inspiration.


She loved to spend her time with plants and herbs and no-one knew better than her which of those had special healing properties. She was a nature lover, just like I am. She used to make us these lavender bags, so we could put them in our closet. She was obsessed with lavender and every time I smell it, I know that her spirit's still with me. 

I love dragons. Whether it's Toothless from 'How to Train Your Dragon', Haku from 'Spirited Away' or Smaug from 'The Hobbit' (just to name a few). I love them all and I've been loving dragons ever since I could think. Having said that, to draw dragons has always been a bit challenging for me, which is frustrating. Nevertheless, I think I did a good job with Haku and Chihiro in this drawing. I love the movie so much ever since I first watched it when I was a child and it had such a big impact on me - actually still has. It makes me laugh and cry every single time and I love when I get so emotional over movies. Makes me feel alive!