This sketch I made for my mother. She asked me to redesign a dress we saw that day at a clothing store in my town, so she could sew it.


That's right, my mum is a seamstress. She taught me everything I know and she's the best teacher there is. 


I remember the first time I worked with my Mom's sewing machine, I was seven years old and so fascinated by the patterns it was able to sew.


I may just have sewed on piece of paper, but I did that again and again, I even gave these sheets to some of my relatives as birthday presents. 


I just loved that, it was fun and now I'm doing pretty much the same, with the only exception that I use fabrics instead of paper.



These two sketches I made when I was in hospital in 2016. I was able to recover there and get on my feet again and after a very long time, fighting with depression, I was finally able to create again. That's something I couldn't do anymore, so that's why these sketches mean so much to me. I really didn't know what I was going for when I started drawing, I just spontaneously went with what entered my mind. I guess life is just like that, isn't it? You don't know where you're going to be in the end, you just go. Every bit of the way is a result and in the end, life is one big beautiful painting, with flaws and failure, love and happiness in it.